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Experience nature in a different way! Take a look at the shoreline of Bonaire from a different perspective! Have a bit of a workout in a fun way! Enjoy the ocean with a soft breeze!

Sitting on top of a glass bottom kayak, you and your kayak partner can enjoy the marine wildlife through the wide bottom windows, while propelling yourself using two double bladed paddles. Glide over Bonaire's gorgeous coral reefs to spot colorful fish or even a sea turtle!



What can you expect?

We offer guided kayak tours along the smooth west coast of the southern Caribbean island Bonaire. The kayaks offer a glass bottom so you can enjoy the pristine coral reefs and it's surrounding marine life while paddling over the surface.
In between the kayaking, you can enjoy a resting moment on a beach or go snorkeling to watch the marine wildlife even closer.

When doing water-activities in a tropical setting, it is important to stay hydrated and to protect yourself from excessive sunburn. We will provide bottles of water to keep you hydrated and we strongly advise to bring (reef-friendly) suntan lotion and water shoes.


Aside from the kayaking, we will also offer you the possibility to do a beautiful snorkel stop in between to give you the opportunity to rest your arms and legs. Snorkeling equipment is provided by us but if you feel comfortable using your own equipment you are of course welcome to bring that.

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